Instructions in this department are processed by dedicated call centres, all of which are equipped with the latest technology in collections- and dialer software tailored to that client’s very specific needs.

We pride ourselves in our efficiency and punctuality in all matters. An excellent system of checks and balances ensures that work is never duplicated and that no unnecessary action is taken. Our infrastructure is constantly upgraded to adapt to current needs.

Our corporate debt recovery infrastructure includes:

  • In-house and external tracing facilities
  • Dedicated recovery agents that are incentivised and target driven
  • Consistent follow ups on default payments
  • Sophisticated debt collections software programmes

We believe in moving matters forward and we are always looking for ways to improve on the traditional way of thinking. We endeavour to deal with matters as speedily and effectively as possible. We understand that, in the game of effective recoveries, time is money.

Our current client base includes retail banks, financial institutions and financing groups.

We have developed an in-house training programme, which is SASSETA accredited on NQF Level 5, which formally introduces all of our personnel to the recoveries and legal process. We offer refresher courses on corporate debt recovery throughout the year. Click here to learn more Ukusiza Learning